• About Polydien Investigations

  • Top Rated Investigator in Raleigh North Carolina.

    Erik Arnold has over 13 years as a Private investigator. As a Small business owner and founder of Polydien Investigations, LLC, Erik has the proven experience to handle even the most difficult cases. Erik’s ability to solve complex cases is by using an effective approach of facts and evidence using investigative techniques including interview, interrogation, telephone, toll analysis, acquiring key information, surveillance and a number of unique customized approaches to complete the mission. Erik’s wide range of services allows you to tap into his broad experience with benefits of a customized approach.

    Erik takes the personal effort in helping people in their time of need; whether it be aiding in finding the truth, moving forward with upcoming / ongoing litigation, or to ensure their safety.

    Polydien Investigations specializes in confidential and ethical investigative and protective services. Erik has been involved in and directed many complex investigations to include high risk persons of interest cases, complex fraud risks and security for high profile individuals. These investigations utilized strategies such as background investigations, interviews, working in undercover capacities, developing informants, short-term and long-term surveillance, and covert electronic surveillance.

    Service Offers:

    • Private Investigation
    • Person Tracing
    • Mobile Surveillance
    • Static Surveillance
    • Electronic Surveillance
    • Process Serving
    • Graphology Services
    • Employee Investigations
    • Security Surveys
    • Close Protection


    • NAEMT certified
    • Protective Firearms certified
    • Executive protection Certified
    • Armed and Unarmed agent NC PPSB certified
    • Licensed Bonded Insured Armed PI. License# 4381


    Polydien Investigations understands the art of Surveillance as the monitoring of behavior, activities, or information for the purpose of influencing, managing or directing. From high-crime areas to the most posh neighborhoods, we have experience performing surveillance in all environments. Our promise to you is that whatever the situation, we are committed to your case and will perform to the highest standards we set for our firm.

    Some requests for surveillance include cases of:

    • Insurance or Workman’s Compensation Fraud
    • Infidelity
    • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Teen activities
    • Any activity requiring extensive, legal surveillance