• Corporate Investigation

  • Interview & Interrogation

    The basic difference here is that an interview is typically a less formal and accusatory conversation whose main point is to elicit information whereas an interrogation is formal and is mainly designed to get a suspect to confess. ... By contrast, an interrogation is an interaction between police officers and a suspect. Polydien Investigators are highly experienced in Interview and Interrogation techniques. Let us help you conduct your corporate investigation to protect your company from any further harm.

    Corporate Fraud Investigation

    Corporate fraud refers to activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating individual or company. Coupled with our investigative techniques Polydien Investigators can bring your case to light for a better understanding of the involved parties.

    Corporate Security

    Corporate security identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a corporation. It is a corporate function that oversees and manages the close coordination of all functions within the company that are concerned with security, continuity and safety.

    Polydien Investigators have years of experience dealing with Corporate Security matters and foremost not disrupting daily operations or Customer Experience while providing a secure shield to protect your assets.


    Corporate Surveillance

    In recent years, a wide range of companies has started to monitor, track and follow people in virtually every aspect of their lives. The behaviors, movements, social relationships, interests, weaknesses and most private moments of billions are now constantly recorded, evaluated and analyzed in real-time. The exploitation of personal information has become a multi-billion industry. Yet only the tip of the iceberg of today’s pervasive digital tracking is visible; much of it occurs in the background and remains opaque to most of us. A secondary application of corporate surveillance can determine theft, Intellectual or Real property through surveillance of employee activities while at the location of employment.

    Employee Background Check

    Know what you are getting, an employee background check is a review of a person's commercial, criminal, employment, and/or financial records. Many employers conduct background checks on job candidates. Some employers conduct checks after they have hired an employee. ... Know your rights so that you can prepare for a background check.

    Don't go down the road of a Department of Labor or a Human Relations nightmare if you can avoid it before hand. Lets us complete a comprehensive report on potential employees for you and mitigate your RISK.