• F.A.Q.

    • Who would know that you are conducting an Investigation?

      There are various ways to conduct an investigation that promotes a certain degree of anonymity. We NEVER reveal information that is between us and the client unless compelled by a court order or a waiver of release is signed by our client authorizing us to speak with certain individuals. Humans are intuitive by nature and may conclude on their own that a possible investigation is taking place. Polydien Investigators are known for our discretion and professionalism.

    • How do you do an investigation?

      This is a very difficult question to answer. Every investigation has its own nuances and twists. Polydien Investigators use any resource available to deliver a positive result for your case. Some of these involve National Databases, Interviews, Phone and Credit Card Tracking and Social Media.

    • Are your services expensive?

      We try to keep our pricing to an industry standard but the actual cost of our services vary and is dependent on the nature of the case. We provide a Top Level recognized service at an affordable price.

    • How can I retain your services?

      It all starts with a phone call or an email. We want to hear from you regarding the circumstances surround your contact to determine the best strategy for resolving your case. Us the contact us page or the phone number located on this site to speak with one our Licensed and Certified Investigators.

    • Is there a waiting list for your services?

      Polydien Investigations partners with numerous top level professional investigative agencies and maintains oversight of your case to make sure it gets handled to your expectations. This allows us to maintain perspective and treat your case as a priority.

    • Are your Investigators Licensed?

      Polydien Investigators are directly Licensed in their home states and have on going continued training to provide the best service we can and we don't accept anything less from any of our partners.

      Standard Training:

      1. State Licensed
      2. Executive Protection Trained
      3. Medical Training
      4. Investigations training

      The Majority of our Investigators have formal Law Enforcement or Military Training.

      Polydien Investigators have been extensively background checked and legally bonded.