• Testimonials

  • Thank you for helping me out, even though the money that was being stolen by my employee was not that much it still effected my daily operations. Thank you for giving me grounds to terminate and not get wrapped up in a long legal nightmare.

    Small Business Owner

    Thanks for saving my business. David K.

  • When I came home from work and found my precious Larry acting funny I knew something was wrong. The surveillance you conducted help me determine what was happening and allowed me to fire the housekeeper and have her prosecuted for animal cruelty. Thank you for your professionalism and taking my case so serious.

    Pet Owner

    Love you guys and so does Sam. Candice P.

  • I really appreciate you guys working my case and trying to locate my missing brother Robert. I knew it was a long shot since we have been separated for almost 40 years. I appreciate how hard you are working on my case and continue to keep me updated on the status.

    Missing Family


  • While I was separated my ex showed up at the places I would go to dinner with friends and he would be very abusive and I had to call the Police several times. Thank you for helping me figure out how he was tracking me and was able to follow my moves. Its so hard to stay anonymous or stay away from people that want to harm you in abusive co-dependent relationships.

    Domestic Victim

    Thank you for your Professionalism and Confidentiality Gloria S.

  • Thank you for your security assessment of my business and my home. I appreciate the time you guys spent on keeping my Family and Employees safe from potential threats, Tom the former SF guy you guys brought was brilliant with his suggestions.

    Concerned Citizen

    Top Notch! David B.